BETA AFP Browser

BETA AFP Browser 1.29

The Beta AFP Browser displays AFP printout data in WYSIWYG format

The Beta AFP Browser displays AFP printout data in WYSIWYG format. The document contents displayed on the monitor correspond exactly to the data output from the system on an AFP printer.
Information retrieval through the AFP Browser is substantially quicker than simply reprinting existing documents. Specifically that means: no long search for already printed documents, no waste of time repeating the printout process, and last but not least, a reduction in printing costs.
When the Beta AFP Browser is used in combination with a document management system, such as Beta 99, printout data is displayed in an overview, further benefits can be achieved: access to older documents or to documents generated by other work groups.
The Beta AFP Browser runs under Windows XP/Vista/7 in the client area. The application includes a modern graphic interface, which can be tailored to the individual desires of users. Navigation within the document takes place at the page level. Zoom functions and the simultaneous display of several pages are standard features.

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